Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Greetings, fellow earthlings!
Welcome one and all to this week's episode of Behind Swedish Lines. This is your host, Äldste Ogaard, and let me tell you, what a show we have in store for all of you today! Absolutely jam-packed with adventure, intrigue, and heroics. But, rather than talk about how awesome it will be, why don't we just jump on in, shall we?
OK, so to start off with, this week I think I set a personal record for number of lessons taught. I tell you, it's crazy. Are you guys ready for this? This week, I taught...
                                                                         a whopping grand total of two lessons.
Yeah, when it comes to teaching, this was an incredibly slow week. We worked really hard to get lessons set up with people, but for one reason or another, they all fell through. Except for Hanna. Our lessons with Hanna never fall through. =) While this may sound absolutely terrible, we are not discouraged. For reasons we shall talk about soon, our hopes are bright, our footsteps are sure, and our bags are very, very heavy with copies of the Book of Mormon to give out to folks.
So why are we still so encouraged after such a astronomically unsuccessful week? The answer lies first with General Conference. Holy cow, my mind was BLOWN away at how awesome General Conference was! The talks were absolutely amazing, and it was  even more fun cause we were chilling in Luleå for almost 2 whole days to watch it! it was like a missionary party up there! Our whole district (6 elders) in one apartment! It was crazy! We met the new guy in our district, Äldste Jonsson from Stockholm. He's a short term missionary (serving for 3 weeks), and he's super awesome. He's a guitarist for a band called Like Torches, and apparently they're actually pretty big. As in "they toured with Yellowcard" big. When he said he knew the members of Yellowcard personally, I totally flipped; I mean, we're talking about one of my favorite bands, and he's hung out with them, and knows them personally! OK, sorry about that. Rant mode disengaged. It was just really cool to learn that there are such amazing people all around us.
Anyways, back to Conference. So I really liked the talk given by Elder Uchtdorf for those who have left the church or are struggling with their testimonies. It was a really touching talk, and it helped remind me that as members of this church, we do not expect that we will all be perfect. The Church is not for perfect people, it is for people working to become perfect through Christ's atonement. Sometimes it can be hard to remember that, but it is absolutely true. A truth is not best measured by its believers (although it should be expected that they do their best to emulate that truth); it is best measured by simply whether it is true or not. It's like I always say when teaching people: we don't base our faith on the example of the members, or the action of a mortal man. Our faith is build upon Christ, as revealed and confirmed by the Holy Ghost. If one wants to know if this work is true, don't look at supporters and critics, or look for the flaws of imperfect human men who God called (remember, Moses wasn't perfect either); no, if you want to know if this is true, the way to do it is to sincerely ask God in the name Christ if these things are true. It seems simple, and it's definitely a bold claim to make, but I and 15 million members like me make it nonetheless.
So yeah, basically, conference was awesome, this week is going to be even more awesome (we hope to teach some of the people from our English group soon!), and I am more confident than ever that I am out doing the Lord's work: declaring His words and preparing the world for the day of His glorious return.

I hope you guys forgive me for the brevity of this week's episode, but I've got a work to do, and it's a pretty awesome one. I love you all, and look forward to hearing from you all next week!
Äldste Kody Christopher Ogaard

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