Thursday, October 24, 2013

As the Sun Sets on Skellefteå...

Hello Family and Friends!
So let me just start off this email by saying this one is probably going to be a little less funny than usual. In fact, a lot less funny than usual. I guess I'm just not in a very funny mood today, mostly because yesterday we got a transfer call. Yes, it's true: I am leaving Skellefteå to head to Linköping on Thursday. I'm glad to go where the Lord wants me to go, but I'm not gonna lie, this move is going to be a very hard one. Perhaps as hard for me as when I moved from Arizona to Idaho.
Why am I so attached to Skellefteå, you may ask? well, to be honest, there are many reasons. First off, I love this town: the people are generally very open and nice, the weather right now is absolutely beautiful (if a little chilly) the sights of Autumn are everywhere; basically, this little city off the coast of the Baltic Sea has become a home to me.
But it's not just the city I'm going to miss. What I really am going to have a hard time leaving is the people. Firstly there are the members. They all have been so loving, so diligent, and so ready to do the work and help us wherever they can. Even though there are only 6 active members in the branch, they are saints in Zion, and I think you'd be hard pressed to find a more welcoming and humble people anywhere else.
And then there's the English group. While the Lord has perfect timing, I must say that it did not coincide with my idea of the right time to transfer. We are getting ready today to ask some of these people if they would be willing to meet with us in a teaching capacity, and I now won't be here to see that. I find consolation only in the fact that I can trust Äldste Knutsson to help these people the best he can to accept Christ and learn more about God's plan for them. It's certainly a humbling experience to give up a pet project when it starts to show fruits.
Finally (and perhaps biggest of them all), I am really going to miss Hanna. I tell you, seeing her learn and grow and become the member she is today has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. I can't even begin to describe the joy I have felt seeing the light of Christ in her eyes, and in listening to her bear witness that she knows that this is God's church on the Earth today. I knew I would have to leave eventually, but it does not make it easier. I really care a lot about her, and am going to sakna (miss) the strength I have received in working with her.
But, as they say, the only things constant in life are Death, Change, and Taxes. Of those three I guess I'm pretty glad I'm experiencing Change right now, and not the other two. And I know that the Lord has a work for me to do in Linköping. I can tell you this: I am not quite sure what the Lord has in store for me, but I know it will be amazing. If Skellefteå was any indicator, I'd say I have a lot to look forward to.
This move to Linköping (which is southern-ish Sweden) will also be a big change when it comes to responsibilities, as I have been called to serve as a District Leader there. It's kind of weird that I'll be the district leader (considering my new companion, Äldste Martinsson, has been out a lot longer than me), but I look to this as a chance to be a better example and work harder to serve the Lord.
Anyways, I think I'm going to end this here. Remember that I love you all, and that I care about you a LOT.
Äldste Kody Christopher Ogaard
P.S Would someone tell Sis. Eagley thank you for all the letters, and that I'll be sending her one soon? I feel real bad that I haven't responded to her letters yet... 


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