Monday, June 3, 2013

Stockholm Twice in One Month?!

Dear Familj och Vänner,
     So I hope you all understand if today's email is a little short. We have had a pretty hectic last couple of days, and this week is even more crazy. You'd think that on my P-day (preparation day for all my non-mission-slang-friendly friends) we'd have a little more time to get ourselves straightened out and whatnot, but nope, we are running like mad. So why is this, you may ask? Well, the answer lies in that fact that we have to condense a whole weeks worth of missionary work into 4.2 days this week, because come Saturday morning, I'll be in Stockholm! Yep, that's right!We were just over there last week for a conference with one of the Area Authorities (Elder Richards of the Seventy), and now we'll be headed up there again this week for a Scandinavian area conference featuring none other than the Prophet! But wait, there's more! We(the missionaries of Sverige) also get the opportunity to meet with and be taught by one of the apostles, Elder Ballard! So yeah, lots of craziness this week.
     What that means for us here in Borlänge is that all those appointments and lessons we usually schedule over the course of a week have been compressed a little bit, thus spilling over into our P-day. But that's OK, I just keep trooping on!
     So yeah, that's my week right now. Preaching the good word of the Lord, meeting with the absolutely amazing members of His church, and somehow fitting in eating and sleeping in between it all. Anyways, I should probably cut this here, but I want you all to know how much I love you, miss you, and pray for you!
Until Next Week,
Äldste Kody Christopher Ogaard
P.S. To make up for the short email, I'm attaching extra photos! =)

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